Allerthorpe Plant Sale - Commences Saturday 3rd April 2021

Allerthorpe Plant Sale 2021 begins at 11am on Saturday 3rd April.

Plants will be available outside the church, commencing with a range of spring plants. 
Summer flowering plants and vegetable plants will be added throughout the spring.  
Plant updates will be found on Allerthorpe Community and Pocklington Community Facebook pages.

27 March, 21 00:05 Events St Botolph's Church, Main Street, Allerthorpe, YO42 4RW

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Easter Services

Our churches will be conducting services over Easter, as follows:

Good Friday - 2nd April

St. Botolph's, Allerthorpe – 10am Outside Service 
St. Catherine's, Barmby Moor – 2pm Inside Service 
St. Martin's, Yapham – 10am - Inside Service

Easter Sunday - 4th April

St. Botolph's, Allerthorpe – 5pm Holy Communion 
St. Catherine's, Barmby Moor – 10.45 Holy Communion 
St. Martin's, Fangfoss – 9.15am Holy Communion
St. Michael's, Thornton – 10.45am Holy Communion
St. Martin's, Yapham – 9.15am Holy Communion

Our churches also remain open for private prayer on the following days (usually between 10am and 4pm).  Please follow the guidance on virus prevention if you enter a church.

St. Botolph's, Allerthorpe – Everyday 
St. Catherine's, Barmby Moor – Wednesday and Sunday 
St. Martin's, Fangfoss – Thursday and Sunday
St. Michael's, Thornton – Sunday
St. Martin's, Yapham – Monday, Saturday and Sunday


22 March, 21 00:00 Events Benefice